Bringing the beach to South Baltimore

Introducing Volo Beach – a new sports entertainment venue brought to you by our partnership with Baltimore Peninsula. Located on more than 4 acres of land in Baltimore Peninsula, Volo Beach will offer a variety of sports leagues and activities. From beach volleyball to kickball, soccer to pickleball, there's something for everyone!

What is Volo Sports

Sports level the playing field. They unveil our determination, perseverance and heart, pushing us to our limits, striving to be the best that we can be.

But we can’t play alone. Sports surround us with teammates, captains, coaches, teaching us teamwork, compassion, and how to express sportsmanship.

That’s why we believe sports make better humans, and deliver interactions to deepen our compassion for others. Through sport, we find our own humanity and perhaps, a new perspective. Volo's mission is to create the opportunity for a fulfilled life through genuine communities and access to activity.

Volo Kids Foundation

We strive to live out our mission through the Volo Kids Foundation. The Volo Kids Foundation was created to provide more kids the opportunity to access play, who often wouldn’t have access to such programs.

Today, the foundation provides free youth sports programming in various cities around the country where we use play to build communities of active, resilient and confident kids. In 2019, we supported over 12,800 kids, and we hope to grow that number to 50,000 in the next five years.

The unique relationship between Volo and The Volo Kids Foundation creates a synergistic effect. As more players sign up to play in our adult programs, we can fund more youth programs. Those who volunteer with the foundation get to play for free in our adult programs, allowing for each organization to benefit from the other.